To own your own electric scooter

Since 2018, Eltra has sold electric scooters with the greatest focus on high quality with functionality. The freedom to own your own scooter is unique. It is the best way to get around the city quickly, fun and easy.
By buying your own electric scooter, you decide for yourself which trips you want to take. Instead of worrying about the battery life of a rental scooter, you can wake up every morning, drink your morning coffee in peace and quiet and then slide out with your newly charged Eltra and start the day. Avoid limitations with time and how many trips you have ridden. Be free to discover how much you want, for how long you want.
Eltra vs. Rental scooters
Today, there are several rental services for electric scooters. But what is the cost of those services over time?

An average ride is of 17 minutes, each minute costs around 2.50 k r with a upplåsningsavgift 10 SEK. That equates to an average ride on a rental scooter costs SEK 52.50. If you drive to and from work [two rides] cost is 105 SEK / day , or 5 25 kr / work week . During six months , the cost has been added up to SEK 13,650 and has exceeded two of our models ( Urban and Premium ) in cost for six months.

The reality is that most people who ride electric scooters go on short trips to meet friends, have a coffee, go to the store and do errands. If you are a frequent skier, the costs can be more than SEK 105 / day. Where you are not guaranteed that there is a scooter ready, because someone else has rented your electric scooter. To put Eltra in context, you will have an electric scooter waiting for you, because you are the one who owns it.
Rental scooters
Good for the Environment
Last but not least, an electric scooter is meant to make you think more about how you can reduce your fossil emissions and can easily be used as a powerful means of doing just that.

An electric scooter, just as it sounds, is electric. This means that it is both charged and powered by electrical energy. This makes the electric scooter concept one of many solutions to the environmental problem that exists. With your electric motor, you can make sure that you commute with, go on an excursion with, go to the grocery store on or just make sure that you skip the car with.
By buying an electric scooter, you decide which trips you choose to bring your electric scooter and are not limited by anything, no pressure on time or number of trips to keep down the cost of the services. You will simply be free to discover how much you want and for how long you want.
Buying an electric scooter is more mobile and useful for you as a commuter. You can take your vehicle with you from the house in the morning, into town and home again.
Commuting with an electric scooter is significantly cheaper if you buy your own. The rental service can cost more than SEK 7,000 / 4 months. Since an electric scooter from a good dealer lasts for many years , it is therefore worth investing in a quality-assured electric scooter right from the start to keep costs down.
In general, the suppliers who are focused on sales are much more focused on quality than those who work for rental services and sell on platforms to consumers. This means that you simply buy services from an inferior scooter supplier in the long run if you rent an electric scooter.
Today there are also new and better scooter models on the market than before. This means that the opportunity now exists to experience fantastic adventures and safety on the scooters like never before. However, it does not yet do so with the rental services.
You also save a huge amount of time if you can jump on your own electric scooter directly from the door or directly when you get up from the subway and avoid the process of looking for scooters that have enough battery or are on a map to look for . You can instead go away immediately and avoid unnecessary processes in your everyday life.